Things are hopping around here! There is a lot to share about what’s been going on with our book’s pre-release copies + media that is happening leading up to May 31st. As of now, we have nearly sold out of the first 400 pre-copies that arrived at our home in April. If you have not pre-ordered a copy, YOU STILL CAN, and it will be mailed to you so you can have it PRIOR to the 5/31 official release. It is all VERY exciting! Bennett is loving all this attention and he can 100% feel the buzz in the air…

First off, I had a VERY exciting opportunity to be on FOX5 DC’s Good Day morning show on Tuesday, May 10th to do an interview to share about our upcoming book release and Bennett’s story of HOPE. Many thanks to the FOX5 team that made me feel so welcome. That interview can be found here.

We had a FABULOUS podcast interview with the lovely ladies at “What’s Your Story” air on Mother’s Day and you can listen to that podcast interview here. They were SO MUCH FUN to chat with! Thank you to the host and life coach, Stephani Cook, for having us on to share Bennett’s story of HOPE.

We also were delighted to recently get connected with and interviewed by Becky Davidson, Founder of Rising Above Ministries in Cookeville, Tennessee. That podcast interview (episode 110) can be found here. Their website is incredible as it has SO many resources; they even have a fantastic app to help support families of individuals with disabilities. Becky is doing SUCH meaningful work, all thanks to the life of her precious son John Alex (and her late husband, Jeff.) Thank you for having us on your podcast, Becky! It was a true honor. We are SO grateful for your beautiful family & ministry!

Published by Kelly Speck

I once thought I would spend my life as a working mom and wife, hustling in corporate America while volunteering at both my church and the PTA. Life's numerous curveballs, however, have prompted an evolution: I know consider myself recovering type-A planner. I am married to my college sweetheart, Travis, and we have three amazing children. Our faith in Jesus is what matters to us the most. Hands down. When my high school friends voted me "Most Likely to Drive a Minivan," I scoffed and declared that would never happen. Ironically we now own two mini-vans. My favorite one to drive has a ramp for my oldest son Bennett, a quadriplegic. I consider it my greatest honor to chauffeur my three kids around and do life with Travis, my partner in this journey we call life. Our life is not always easy, but it is always beautiful.


  1. Hi Kelly,

    This your mom’s friend Bonnie. I know you must be uber busy but I’m wondering of it’s too late to order a book. So proud of you for managing to write the book while being a busy wife and mother. Blessings to you all.



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