Seasons Change

“To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.”

-Ecclesiastes 3:1

On a recent walk with Reagan at the park behind our house, we saw the above purple flower sprouted up amidst an area of dirt, mulch, sparse grass & weeds. It looked so out of place, yet so beautiful.

Ironically, just a week earlier we had what seemed to be our last snow of winter. We hope.

Then after ten days of warmth (following the snow day), it was officially peak Cherry Blossom day. Just like clockwork, the buds popped open to paint a spring wonderland landscape.

We have experienced different seasons of life, and we know that we have many more ahead. There were seasons of darkness, when it seemed that hope was only a small light the size of an eye of a needle. Then there have been “duller” seasons of “stability” and “ordinary” days. Sprinkled throughout have been sparks of joy amidst seasons of happiness. Seasons come and seasons go.

We have never expected anyone to understand how far from normal our family life is… but it was a pleasant surprise when we found a man, husband, father, and believer who understood it…and actually talked about it almost weekly from the church stage. We sat at his feet soaking up nearly every word and story he told- many days being moved to tears – as it felt like he was speaking directly to us. Few people “get” life with a medically fragile child, and Lon is one of the few who “gets it.”

We recently had the opportunity to meet Lon, and it was the honor of the lifetime. Not because we hold Lon on a pedestal, but because we were able to thank him for the comfort, support, wisdom, biblical knowledge and understanding of suffering that he poured into our hearts for many years. Through his generosity of sharing his seasons with us (in a publicly transparent way), we were strengthened in ways that we cannot fully put words to.

On this same night, we were able to celebrate the 30th birthday of Lon’s daughter, Jill. We listened to Lon’s beaming and beautiful wife, Brenda, introduce Lon as he gave a few words…and we were transported back to the season of 2010-2017 when we had the luxury of hearing that voice week-in and week-out. We admire their grace , strength and humility more than we could ever articulate.

We will never forget this night celebrating Jill’s 30th birthday. We had conversations with fellow Jill’s House families, saw old friends, made new friends, and walked away basking in the goodness of God.

Jill has lived longer than any neurologist ever expected her to live. Her life is precious, unique and valuable…the night was a reminder for us to hold tight to “ordinary” days, celebrate the triumphs, be more aware of each season of life, and take time to savor the moments when God feels near.


You were the one I wanted most to stay.

But time could not be kept at bay.

The more it goes, the more it’s gone, the more it takes away.

-Lang Leav

Published by Kelly Speck

I once thought I would spend my life as a working mom and wife, hustling in corporate America while volunteering at both my church and the PTA. Life's numerous curveballs, however, have prompted an evolution: I know consider myself recovering type-A planner. I am married to my college sweetheart, Travis, and we have three amazing children. Our faith in Jesus is what matters to us the most. Hands down. When my high school friends voted me "Most Likely to Drive a Minivan," I scoffed and declared that would never happen. Ironically we now own two mini-vans. My favorite one to drive has a ramp for my oldest son Bennett, a quadriplegic. I consider it my greatest honor to chauffeur my three kids around and do life with Travis, my partner in this journey we call life. Our life is not always easy, but it is always beautiful.

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